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biOrb 360 Spherical Aquariums
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biOrb 360 Spherical View Aquariums

  • biOrb's are available in 8 & 16 gallon sizes. (30 & 60L).
  • Safe acrylic bowl - 10 times stronger and clearer than glass. (No green tint like glass).
  • Safe 12V - electrical system, very safe for children. Simple 5 stage filter - keeps water clean and crystal clear.
  • Easy to maintain - via the quickly replaceable filter cartridge.
  • Halogen light - concealed in lid with easy to replace spare bulb.
  • Full instructions - included with food and water treatment.
  • Compact size - ideal for apartments, bedrooms & offices.
  • Swapable colors - Change the black color to baby pink, baby blue, tangy yellow and green glow. (available separately).

Upgradable LED lighting system, plants and fish sold separately.
biOrb LED Upgrade
biOrb Volcano
Replacement Parts
Mag-Float Acrylic Safe
biOrb LED Upgrade
Aquarium Supply biOrb Intelligent LED Upgrade BIORB_LEDbiOrb intelligent LED upgrade. 24 hour lighting cycle, 2 daylight LED and 1 moonlight LED lasting 50,000 hours. Automatic 24 hour timer - just plug the light in and it cycles at the same time everyday. Fits 8 & 16 gallon biOrb and biUbe aquarium tanks. Sunrise, daylight, sunset and moonlight cycles - change at the push of a button with 7 different cycles to choose from. Replaces halogen lighting. Dimensions: 18mm thick.   more...$115.99
biOrb Volcano
8 Gallon
Aquarium Supply biOrb Small Volcano for 8 Gallon Aquarium biorb_sm_volcanobiOrb small volcano fits 8 gallon biOrb aquarium. Covers the centre bubble tube and pre-fitted with a varied selection of synthetic plants. Dimensions: 8"tall x 4"wide.   more...$16.19
Replacement Parts
Air Pump
Aquarium Supply Reef One biOrb 12 volt replacement air pump BIORB_12V_AIRBiOrb 12 volt replacement air pump. Replacement for all biOrb, biUbe and biOrb Life aquariums. (not for baby biOrb).   more...$13.99
Mag-Float Acrylic Safe
Aquarium Supply Mag-Float 20 Round Aquarium Magnetic Glass Cleaner mag_float_20rMag-Float 20 mini aquarium magnetic glass/acrylic cleaner for round tanks upto 3/8in or 10mm thick glass. Dimensions: 2.0Dia x 1-1/2H inches. Item 00020.   more...$9.95