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Aquarium Chillers
Aquarium chillers can maintain a constant temperature in your marine environment can really lower your disease rate and improve the health of your fish and corals. Keeping your water temperature consistant (less than +/-1 per day) can prevent the growth and spread of disease and algae. Chillers will keep the temperature in your tank super consistent, within +/-1F.

Due to the heat generated by aquarium pumps, aquarium lighting, sunlight and external sources. It is recommended to oversize the size of your chiller to reduce the time the chiller runs. This will put less load on the chilling unit and prolong it's life.

Inline chillers will require a pump at the manufacturers rated flow. Make sure to add approx. 6 feet of extra head pressure due to its plumbing configuration.
Aquarium Chillers
Coolworks Ice Probe Chillers
Coral Reef Supply Coolworks Ice Probe Pico Nano Mini Aquarium Chillers
Coolworks Ice Probe Chillers