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Coolworks Ice Probe Chillers
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CoolWorks IceProbe Thermo-electric Chillers

CoolWorks IceProbe Small Aquarium Chiller (IPAC-50W) is the perfect cooling solution for small aquariums and insulated fish egg hatching, bait, and specimen tanks.

The Aquarium Chiller is a complete water cooling system. It includes the IceProbe, the nut and silicone washer for bulkhead installation, and a power converter with six foot cords on each side. The Aquarium Chiller can be easily installed in any orientation through a 1.25 inch hole into siphon overflows, pre-filters, sumps, or aquarium walls, or suspended with a bracket or lid over the top of the aquarium.

The chiller cools continuously when powered. In most aquarium implementations, the CoolWorks Proportional Temperature Controller is added to regulate the IceProbe`s cooling power. The controller is designed for tropical water aquarium environments, with an adjustable temperature range of 65 deg F to 85 deg F.

10 gal20 gal40 gal
1 Ice Probe6-83-41-2
2 Ice Probes10-126-83-4

Coolworks Regulator
Ice Probe
Aquarium Supply Coolworks 50 Watt Ice Probe Nano Chiller IPAC-50W COOL_WORKS_50WThe prefect cooling solution for small aquariums. In a 10 gallon aquarium a single probe can drop temperature 6-8 degrees and (2) probes can drop temperature 10-12 degrees. 50 watts of cooling power (170 BTU). Use multiple probes for larger tanks. Power supply included. Optional regulated Temperature Controller. 120v/240v operation.   more...List Price

Aquarium Supply Coolworks 50 Watt Ice Probe Nano Chiller IPAC-50W cw_microchillThe Microchiller is the prefect cooling solution for nano aquariums. In a 10 gallon aquarium the Microchiller can drop temperature 4-6 degrees. Power supply included. Optional regulated Temperature Controller. 33 gph flow. 6 watts. 120v/240v operation. Dimensions: 7-1/8H x 4-3/4W inches.   more...List Price
Coolworks Regulator
Ice Probe 65-85 degree Regulator
Aquarium Supply Coolworks Ice Probe Chiller Regulator for Aquarium COOL_WORKS_REGRegulated Temperature Controller for Ice Probe Chillers. Includes temperature sensor. Adjustable temperature range of 65F to 85F. P/N TEC-65F   more...$62.95