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RO/DI Systems
MaxCap 90
SpectraPure Four-Stage MaxCap 90 System
sp_maxcap_90SpectraPure MAXCAP RO/DI Systems incorporate high-flow high-rejection TFC membranes (90 GPD @ 60 psi & 77 degF) that have the highest rejection available. Used in combination with our MaxCap DI and silica-removal deionizing cartridges, this system provides the ultimate removal of algae promoting substances, including colloidal silica, and the longest deionizing cartridge life, significantly reducing the cost of operation. This is water purification at its best, an RO/DI system designed to continuously produce economical ultra-pure water. Dimensions: 20" x 7" x 16".

  • First Stage is our revolutionary MAXCAP DI with 3.5x capacity of other mixed-beds
  • Second DI stage is the DI cartridge that pioneered silica removal SpectraPure's Silica-Buster Cartridge.
  • Ultra-high efficiency 0.5 micron Sediment Pre-Filter. Our best sediment filter for improved particle removal and long term performance. Not a cheap import.
  • 0.5 micron Carbon Block Pre-Filter with 20,000 ppm-gallons chlorine removal capacity. Our best carbon block Chloramine eater. All the carbon block you ever need, period.
  • 2 Dual Inline TDS meters, one to monitor RO Membrane performance and one to monitor MAXCAP and Silica-Buster performance to signal when replacement is required.
  • Clear housings and pressure gauge
  • Filter wrench and 3/4" garden hose adapter
  • Effective on well water and colloidal silica
MaxCap 90.pdf

NOTE: If you intend to connect this system to a pressurized storage tank or a float valve, you will need to purchase an Automatic Shut-Off Valve (V-ASO-4JG) and Check Valve (V-CK-IL-1LB-4JG).