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39 or 60 Watt
AquaSun 10000K
UV Lighting 39 60 Watt T5 V-HO AquaSun Lamp
uv_t5vho_10k_39wUV Lighting 39 or 60 Watt 10,000K T5 V-HO AquaSun Flourescent Lamp. The best technologically advanced aquarium lamp on the market. Containing a mixture of unique triband phosphors that peak at 10,000 Kelvin temperature is used for optimum plant and coral growth. Can be used for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium tanks. Dimensions: 34 x .625in. Part F39/AQ.

  • 100% Tri-Band White Spectrum
  • Color temperature 10,000K
  • Useful Life 4500 hrs.