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Aquarium Electrical
Rid-Volt Grounding Probe
Rid-Volt Titanium Aquarium Grounding Probe
rio_rid_voltRid-Volt Titanium Aquarium Grounding Probe.

  • Non-Corrosive Titanium Grounding Probe
  • Excellent electrical contact with water
  • Non-toxic Environment for aquatic animal and plant species.
  • Easy to Install
  • Eliminates Stray Voltage
  • Rids Animals of Stress
  • Long lasting
  • 10in Wire Lead
RID-VOLT gives you a positive electrical ground for your aquatic systems. When properly installed, RID-VOLT will remove "stray voltage" generated by pumps, heaters, lights, and other electrical devices used in aquarium, live seafood tanks, ponds, etc. RID-VOLT protects you and removes unwanted stress from your aquatic friends.

Have a licensed electrician test the circuit for positive grounding capability if the grounding connection is unknown. When a positive ground is verified, installation of RID-VOLT can be done by following the directions below.
  1. Using the suction cup provided, attach the griunding probe to the inside of the aquarium or sump. The titanium probe must be submerged in water.
  2. Plugs directly into a three-pin receptacle using a drip loop.
  3. If three-pin receptacle is unavailable, attach the grounding lug under the receptacle plate retainer screw on any two-pin wall outlet receptacle.
  4. NOTE: Do not plug into an extension cord or power strip.