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Deluxe Upgrade
Red Sea Fish pHarm Prizm Deluxe Upgrade Coral Reef Supply
RS_PRIZM_UPGRADEPrism Upgrade Kit With Surface Skimmer. The surface skimmer attachment is an important incorporation because roughly 70% of accumulated protein and waste material in an aquarium are in the top 1? of the water. The surface skimmer attachment allows for the top surface water to be drawn into the water inlet pipe of the skimmer, so you are constantly removing the maximum amount of waste from the aquarium. This upgrade alone will provide significant increases in protein and waste removal.

The second upgrade is the inclusion of a refillable media basket. This basket can be filled with either biological or chemical media to obtain the desired results. The basket is easily refillable and allows you to change the type of media according to your needs. Placed in the water outflow chamber the basket comes into contact with virtually all of the water as it passes out of the skimmer. The use of the media basket turns your skimmer into a full purpose filter for most marine aquariums.