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Emperor Aquatics PSP Pond Filters
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Emperor Aquatics Pressurized Sinking Pellet (PSP) Pond Filters

Our PSP (Pressure Sinking Pellet) Pond Filters are specifically designed for "Heavy Solid Waste" applications, which include ornamental koi ponds and water gardens. PSP Filters combine our FilterCLAY (Clay Pellet Filter Media) with the right filter laterals to create a simple, yet efficient solid waste handling pond filter. Accomplishing both, solid waste capture and bio-filtration, our PSP Pond Filters are multi-functional. It's the unique characteristics of our FilterCLAY media that allows the PSP Filter to provide both, mechanical and biological filtration.

  • Maximum pond size 9,600 gallons
  • PSP Filter's "Fixed Bed" Provides Effective Solid Waste Capture
  • FilterCLAY allows for a more complete and efficient Backwash
  • FilterCLAY creates an Optimum Environment for Colonizing Nitrifying Bacteria
  • No Internal Clogging, No Filter Screens and No Air Blower Required
  • PSP Filter Diffuser allows Pond Waste to exit the Filter during the Backwash Cycle
  • Six-Way, Multi-Port Filter Valve Simplifies Operation
  • Pressurized Pond Filter, Ideal for Remote Operation
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Includes clay media