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Finnex Titanium Heating Elements and Controllers
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Finnex Titanium Heating Elements and Digital Controllers

The HC-0810M Finnex controller offers a precision digital control with LED digital display which maintains water temperatures at a constant level protecting your livestock from temperature fluctuations. Easily adjustable high/low temperature settings with an audio alert separates this aquarium heater controller from the rest of the competition.

The Titanium Finnex Heaters are corrosion-resistant, extending the life exponentially from saltwater damage. Virtually unbreakable, especially in comparison with the standard glass aquarium, these tube are built to last. The ultra heating titanium further provides a stable temperature environment for your aquarium lives and eliminates temperature swings that put stress on the aquarist's live stock.
Finnex Heating Controllers
Finnex Heating Element Tubes
Finnex Heating Controllers
Digital Controller
Aquarium Supply Finnex Digital Heating Element Controller fi_htr_controllerFinnex HC-0810M digital temperature controller. High/low temperture settings with memory. Works well with all Finnex Titanium Tubes as well as other brand's heating elements. Range: 0-99F. Accuracy: +/-2F. 800 watts maximum load. 120 volt/10A fuse.   more...$47.49
Finnex Heating Element Tubes
300 Watt
Aquarium Supply Finnex 300 Watt Heating Element Tube fi_htr_300wFinnex 300 watt heating element tube. Ideal for 40-80 gallon tank. 115v/2.7A. 73" cord. Dimensions: 10.0L inches. Part TH-0300.   more...$34.95
500 Watt
Aquarium Supply Finnex 500 Watt Heating Element Tube fi_htr_500wFinnex 500 watt heating element tube. Ideal for 70-130 gallon tank. 115v/4.5A. 73" cord. Dimensions: 11.5L inches. Part TH-0500.   more...$39.89
800 Watt
Aquarium Supply Finnex 800 Watt Heating Element Tube fi_htr_800wFinnex 800 watt heating element tube. Ideal for 140-265 gallon tank. 115v/9.0A. 73" cord. Dimensions: 16.5L inches. Part TH-0800.   more...$47.89