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Coralife PC Straight Pin Freshwater Lamps
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Coralife Compact Flourescent Straight Pin Freshwater Lamps

Coralife power compact flourescent Lamps for aquarium lighting. German straight pin configuration.

  • 50/50 lamps combine 50% 10,000K with 50% True Actinic 03 Blue phosphors for essential biological reactions.
  • 10,000K lamps provide high-intensity, purified super daylight that simulates the midday sun.
  • True Actinic 03 Blue lamps provide a blue light in the 420 nanometer range. Simulates the blue hue of deeper water.
  • 6,700K lamps provide a full-spectrum light that replicates sunlight to provide the essential light requirements for a successful aquarium

Coralife Straight Pin
Coralife Straight Pin
36 Watt
Aquarium Supply 36 Watt 10K Power Compact Lamp CL_36W_10K_LAMP_ST36 Watt 10,000K Compact Fluorescent Lamp. German straight pin. Dimensions: 19L x 2.0 x 1.25 in. Item 54061.   more...$19.95
65 Watt
Aquarium Supply 65 Watt 10000K Compact Flourescent Lamp CL_65W_10K_LAMP_ST65 Watt 10000K Compact Fluorescent Lamp. German straight pin. Dimensions: 21-1/4L x 3/4 x 7/8 in. Item 54065.   more...$25.95

Aquarium Supply 65 Watt 6700K Straight Pin Compact Flourescent CL_65W_67K_LAMP_ST65 Watt 6700K Compact Fluorescent Lamp. German straight pin. Dimensions: 21-1/4L x 3/4 x 7/8 in. Item 54095.   more...$25.95