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JBJ Unibody LED Lighting Fixture
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JBJ Unibody 54 Watt Advanced LED Lighting System

Unibody 3.5 Light Fixture
  • Actively Cooled all Aluminum Unibody Construction
  • Less than 1 inch thin!
  • 54 Watts of Triple Spectrum (TM) LED
  • 2 Channels of LEDs - 12 Blue & 6 White
  • CNC Milled Individual LED Reflectors
  • Universal Gooseneck Positioning Arm
  • Universal clamp mount - Rimless & Framed Tanks
  • 7 Conductor Male Remote Disconnect
Duo 700 LED Driver
  • All Aluminum Unibody Construction - Wall Mountable
  • 2 Channels, independent Power cords for each
  • Intuitive Sliding Dimmers - Color Mix from 6500K-20000K
  • Reef Controller Ready
  • Low Voltage Fan Power supply
  • Remote Disconnect Cable
  • 7 Conductor Female Remote Disconnect

JBJ Unibody LED Lighting System
JBJ Unibody LED Lighting System
54 Watt
Aquarium Supply JBJ Unibody 54 Watt Advanced LED Lighting System jbj_unibody_54wJBJ Unibody 54 Watt Advanced LED Lighting System. 18 x 3 watt LEDs. Independant control of the 2 channels. The Blue channel consists of 6 blue and 6 royal blue LEDs. The white channel consists of 6 white LEDs. Each channel is dimmable. Cables are conveniently hidden inside the gooseneck arm. Unibody 3.6 Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.0 x 0.925 in.   more...$359.99