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Current Orbit Extreme
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Current Orbit Extreme

The Current Orbit is a breakthrough in aquatic lighting technology, the Orbit incorporates both daytime and nighttime lighting sources for the ultimate 24-hour lighting solution. Built-in Moon White Lunar Lights (every 12") cast a crisp moon glow for optimum nocturnal simulation and nighttime viewing. The pro-grade Orbit has all of the features that advanced hobbyists demand and their friends will marvel />
    The most complete 24-hour lighting system
  • Highest output of any lighting system
  • Dual spectrum, 4 lamps in 2
  • European look
  • Lunar lights every 12"
  • First-Ever 130 watt Lamp -> 48" Orbit Extreme
  • Includes Docking Mounts
  • Parabolic Reflector
  • 3.15" high-CFM Fan

PC Replacement Ballasts

Current Orbit
Current Orbit
4 x 96 Watt 48"
Aquarium Supply 4 x 96 Watt Current Orbit Light Fixture w/ Lunar CUR_ORB_4x96W_482 x 96 watt Dual Daylight (10000K and 6700K) and 2 x 96 watt Dual Actinic (460nm and 420nm) and (4) Lunar lights. Includes mounting legs. 384 Watts total. 3.2 amps. 2 3" Fans. Dimensions: 48.25"L x 11.6"W x 4.25"H. Model 1031.   more...$465.00
Mounting Legs
No Coral Reef Supply image.  CU_ORB_LEGSCurrent Orbit model 1020-1027 & Sunpod Replacement Docking Mount Legs (pair). Color is off white. Part 1760.   more...$10.00