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Kessil A150W LED Aquarium Light
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Kessil A150W, A360N, A360W and A360WE LED Aquarium Light

With its innovative design and high quality, radiant light, Kessil presents the A150W LED aquarium light. Using Dense Matrix LED technology to emulate a point-like source, A150W provides the shimmery effects of a metal halide without its excess power consumption and heat. Bring out the beauty of blue water and vivid colors of coral with the specially created spectrums of A150W.

  • Produces shimmer effect similar to MH lamps.
  • Light output equivalent to a 150 watt metal halide.
  • Typical life expectancy of 30,000 hours or more.
  • 10 foot light power cord. 6 foot power supply cord.
A150W Models Available
  • Sky Blue 10000K* Special Blend
  • Ocean Blue 15000K* Special Blend
  • Deep Ocean Blue Special Blend
  • Amazon Sun 6500K Special Blend

*Color temperature for reference only, and is not a direct measurement of CCT.

Kessil A150 LED
Kessil A360WE LED
Kessil Accessories
Kessil A150 LED
Amazon Sun 6500K
Aquarium Supply Kessil A150W Amazon Sun 32W LED Fixture KE_LED_150W_65KKessil A150 Watt equivalent (actual 32 Watt) 6500K Amazon Sun LED Aquarium Lighting Pendant. Weight: .9 pounds. Dimensions: 3-7/8L x 2.5D inches.   more...
SkyBlue 10000K
Aquarium Supply Kessil A150W Sky Blue 10K 32W LED Fixture KE_LED_150W_10KKessil A150 Watt equivalent (actual 32 Watt) Sky Blue 10,000K LED Aquarium Lighting Pendant. Weight: .9 pounds. Dimensions: 3-7/8\"L x 2.5\" Diameter.   more...
Ocean Blue 15000K
Aquarium Supply Kessil A150W Ocean Blue 15K 32W LED Fixture KE_LED_150W_15KKessil A150 Watt equivalent (actual 32 Watt) Ocean Blue 15,000K LED Aquarium Lighting Pendant. Weight: .9 pounds. Dimensions: 3-7/8"L x 2.5" Diameter.   more...
Deep Ocean Blue 20000K
Aquarium Supply Kessil A150W Deep Ocean Blue 32W LED Fixture KE_LED_150W_ACTKessil A150 Watt equivalent (actual 32 Watt) Deep Ocean Blue 20000K LED Aquarium Lighting Pendant. Weight: .9 pounds. Dimensions: 3-7/8L x 2.5D in.   more...
Kessil A360WE LED
90 Watt
Aquarium Supply Kessil A360WE 90 Watt LED Tuna Blue LED Fixture ke_led_360weKessil A360WE 90 Watt LED Tuna Blue Wide Angle Dimmable Lighting Pendant. Tunable to 10,000-20,000 Kelvin with a blue/white tuning knob. Another knob controls the intensity. When daisy chained you can control multiple lights from 1 lights controls. New E series light. Weight: 1.2 pounds. 1.87 amps. Dimensions: 3-3/16H x 4.0D in.   more...$399.00
Kessil Accessories
Aquarium Supply Kessil LED Aquarium Lighting Fixture Clamp KE_LED_CLAMPKessil LED Aquarium Lighting Fixture Clamp. 1-1/8 inch clamp opening. Works with all Kessil lights that we sell. Dimensions: 24L in.   more...$34.99