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Marineland Single Double Bright LED
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Marineland Single and Double Bright LED Aquarium Lighting System

  • Powered by Energy Efficient 1 watt or .06 watt LED’s that provide similar output compared to twin tube fluorescent bulb lighting.
  • Slim, stylized lighting profile.
  • Mimics underwater “shimmer” effect of natural sunlight
  • Two lighting settings – Daylight and Lunar.
  • Energy efficient system that doesn’t require any bulb replacement.
  • Specifically designed Polycarbonate lens to focus and to protect LED light bulbs.
  • Lifetime Hours - 17,000 hours.
  • Powered by 1 Watt and .06 Watt LEDs.

Marineland Single Bright LED
Marineland Double Bright LED
Marineland Single Bright LED
Aquarium Supply Marineland 36" Single Bright Aquarium Lighting ML_LED_SB36Marineland Single Bright lighting system 24-36” - 68 x 0.06W White & 4 x 06W Blue LEDs. 400 Lumens   more...$72.59
Marineland Double Bright LED
Aquarium Supply Marineland 24" Double Bright Aquarium Lighting ML_LED_24DBMarineland Double Bright lighting system 18-24” - 6 x 1W 6,000K White & 3 x .06W Blue LEDs. 450 Lumens. Best shimmer effect.   more...List Price
Aquarium Supply Marineland 36" Double Bright Aquarium Lighting ML_LED_36DBMarineland Double Bright lighting system 24-36” - 8 x 1W 6,000K White & 4 x .06W Blue LEDs. 600 Lumens. Best shimmer effect.   more...List Price
Aquarium Supply Marineland 48" Double Bright Aquarium Lighting ML_LED_48DBMarineland Double Bright lighting system 36-48” - 16 x 1W 6,000K White & 8 x .06W Blue LEDs. 1,200 Lumens. Best shimmer effect.   more...List Price