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Coralife Turbo-Sea Aquarium Water Pumps
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Coralife Turbo-Sea Magnetic Drive Aquarium Water Pumps

The high pressure pumps ( 580P, 790P, 1100P. 1740P ) feature a 3/4" mpt inlet/outlet and the circulation pumps ( 1090, 1270 ) have a 1" mpt inlet/outlet. Turbo Sea High Pressure Pumps are designed for use with canister filters and applications where high head pressure is needed.

  • Quiet magnetic-drive pump system
  • Durable polypropylene housing and impeller
  • Ceramic impellers and thrust rings
  • Powerful cooling fan
  • Pre-drilled mounting brackets
  • 3-1/2" power cord
  • 2 year limited manufacturer warranty

Coralife Turbo-Sea Pressure Pumps
Coralife Turbo-Sea Circulation Pump
Coralife Turbo-Sea Pressure Pumps
Aquarium Supply Coralife Turbo-Sea Pressure Pumps CL_TS_1100PCoralife Turbo-Sea 1100P pressure aquarium water pump. 1110 gph @ 0 feet. 26.9 Max Head. 170 watts. 1" Inlet / 1" Outlet. Dimensions: 11.75L x 4.75W x 6.5H inches. Item 5304.   more...$284.99Out of Stock
Aquarium Supply Coralife Turbo-Sea 1740P Pressure Pump CL_TS_1740PCoralife Turbo-Sea 1740P pressure aquarium water pump. 1744 gph @ 0 feet. 39.4' Max Head. 290 watts. 1" Inlet / 1" Outlet. Dimensions: 13.5L x 6.25W x 6.5H inches. Item 5305.   more...$316.49Out of Stock
Coralife Turbo-Sea Circulation Pump
Aquarium Supply Coralife Turbo-Sea 1090  Circulation Pump CL_TS_1090Coralife Turbo-Sea 1090 circulation aquarium water pump. 1090 gph @ 0 feet. 13.1' Max Head. 80 watts. 1" Inlet / 1" Outlet. Dimensions: 10L x 4.75W x 5.5H inches. Item 5301.   more...$180.00Out of Stock
Aquarium Supply Coralife Turbo-Sea 1270 Circulation Pump CL_TS_1270Coralife Turbo-Sea 1270 circulation aquarium water pump. 1270 gph @ 0 feet. 13.1' Max Head. 165 watts. 1" Inlet / 1" Outlet. Dimensions: 10.5L x 4.75W x 5.5H inches. Item 5303.   more...$199.00Out of Stock