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Prizm Protein Skimmers
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Prizm Protein Skimmer

The Prizm is sized and priced to deliver the absolute best results for the serious hobbyist while remaining very affordable. Incorporating all of the benefits described above the Prizm is without a doubt the best skimmer available today for any aquarium up to 100 gallons (Prizm Pro 300 gallons). The Prizm is an ideal starting point for anyone setting up a new tank or interested in maximizing the results on their existing aquarium. The Prizm can be easily upgraded to a Deluxe version with the purchase of an upgrade kit. The slim line profile (only 2.4" wide) allows the Prizm to be discretely hung on behind the aquarium or on the side of the sump, with it's fully submersible motor it can even be placed inside the sump! The numerous advantages of the Prizm make this the ideal skimmer of choice for the serious hobbyist

Prizm Skimmers Manual
Aquarium Supply Red Sea Fish pHarm Prizm Hang-on Protein Skimmers RS_PRIZMRed Sea Prizm Hang-on Protein Skimmer. For fish only marine aquariums up to 40 gallons, soft coral reef aquariums up to 25 gallons and hard coral reefs up to 18 gallons. 18-blade Turbojet air injector - generates a constant stream of micro-bubbles in a homogenous air/water mixture. Designed for Hang-on and Sump installations. Includes external water pump. Dimensions: 13.8H x 9.75W x 2.4D inches.   more...$92.79
Replacement Pump
Aquarium Supply Red Sea Fish pHarm Prizm Replacement Pump RS_PRIZM_PUMPPrism Replacement Pump W/impeller.   more...$21.00
Replacement Impeller
Aquarium Supply Red Sea Fish pHarm Prizm Replacement Impeller RS_PRIZM_IMPELLERPrism Replacement impeller.   more...$11.50