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American Marine Pinpoint
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American Marine Pinpoint

Using the most current technology and design, American Marine introduced PINPOINT Monitors, which have become the most respected line of digital instruments in the aquaculture business. American Marine was the first to introduce a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty on each and every PINPOINT Monitor. Each monitor is powered by a standard 9 volt battery that is available world-wide.
American Marine
American Marine
pH Monitor
Aquarium Supply American Marine Pinpoint pH Probe AM_PH_PROBEPinpoint pH Replacement Probe. 10 foot cord, Ag-Ag/Cl reference, extended life, high supression cable jacket.   more...$39.99
ORP Monitor
Aquarium Supply American Marine ORP Monitor AM_ORP_MONITORPINPOINT ORP Monitor? will measure the ORP (oxidation-reduction potential, or REDOX) water quality of your system. It is popular with those who use ozone gas or potassium permanganate as an artificial oxidation agent in fresh or saltwater. It is also popular for measurement of acid or alkaline electrolysis water machines. Constant monitoring of the ORP is useful in keeping tabs on the overall health of a system, as a drop in ORP often precedes visual or other indications of trouble. This unit features a 1mV digital resolution and a platinum sensor electrode. This is a full range REDOX/ORP instrument (-2000 to +2000 mV). Typical readings in established, well-maintained saltwater systems should be in the 350-450mV range. Maintenance should be increased if the range would fall to 225-275mV. Drinking water is considered sterilized at REDOX/ORP values of 700-800mV. Battery operated w/ Low Battery indication (battery not included). AC adapter optional. 3" x 5".   more...$115.49

Aquarium Supply American Marine PINPOINT ORP Probe AM_ORP_PROBEPINPOINT ORP Replacement Probe 10 foot cord, Ag-Ag/Cl reference, platinum wire sensor, extended life, high supression cable jacket.   more...$69.95
Salinity Monitor
Aquarium Supply American Marine PINPOINT Salinity monitor AM_SALT_MONITORPINPOINT Salinity Monitor? will accurately and immediately measure the amount of salt in any marine or freshwater system. The reading is fully temperature compensated and the conversion chart will precisely show the corresponding density (specific gravity) or % salt (refractometer) values. Every saltwater aquarist should own this monitor; the accuracy is superb! This monitor is especially useful to determine the low level of salt required for Koi, whether in an aquarium or outdoor pond. Comes complete with meter, probe and calibration fluid. 9v Battery operated. AC Adapter optional. 3" x 5".   more...$129.59

Aquarium Supply Salinity Calibration Fluid AM PINPOINT AM_SALT_CAL_FLUPINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid 53.0 mS standardized fluid (1.023)   more...$8.99
Nitrate Monitor
Aquarium Supply American Marine Pinpoint Nitrate Replacement Probe AM_NITRATE_PROBEPinpoint Nitrate Replacement Probe.   more...$179.85
pH Controller
Aquarium Supply American Marine pH Controller am_ph_controllerPINPOINT pH Controller is an inexpensive yet rugged controller, which includes the appropriate probe and calibration fluids. This device will automate another electrical device such as a calcium reactor or magnetic solenoid for the addition of CO2 into an aquaculture or process system, and will control pH in both a downward and upward direction. The user will select his or her own setpoint and any range of acceptable pH around this setpoint. This full featured controller will handle up to 5.0 amps at 110 VAC.   more...$199.99