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Red Sea Wavemaster Pro
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Red Sea Fish pHarm Wavemaster Pro

The WaveMaster Pro creates randomly flowing and ever changing water currents in an aquarium by automatically switching powerheads on and off with its microprocessor controller.

2 Aquarium set up options:
Reef mode facilitates feeding of invertebrates that live on suspended particles or plankton, by giving sufficient time to feed, without losing the food into the bio-filter or protein skimmer.
Marine mode facilitates feeding by the smallest as well as the largest fish by temporarily switching off the all but one of the powerheads, while the main pump keeps running the water through the life support systems.

4 Different strengths of wave motion:
Gentle - Slow random waves
Rolling - Short periodic waves
Turbulent Fast random waves
Alternating - Sequential 4 hour periods of Gentle, Rolling and Turbulent wave programs

Night program:
A pre-programmable 8 hour night period that switches automatically to a calmer wave motion.

We recommend the Maxi-Jet MP1200 Powerhead
Red Sea
Red Sea
Wavemaster Pro
Aquarium Supply Red Sea Wavemaster Pro RS_WAVE_PRORed Sea Wavemaster Pro. Use 4 powerheads or 3 powerheads and a main pump. 4 preset options for reef or fish. With automatic night mode.   more...$173.00